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Fully equipped river boat on trailer
€69.00 / d


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Mård 550 and Tohatsu 9.8


PLEASE NOTE! We only rent this boat for those with experience on salmon trolling before! If you are a first timer please also book our fishing guide with the boat. 

We always choose the best boat models available for rental use. The Mård 550 is light and easy to row and runs well when descending and ascending with the engine. The boat has Tempress seats, which make rowing comfortable even for a long rowing day.

The engine is Tohatsu 9.8 (year 2019), which has enough power for even the most demanding climbs in the waterway. Please note that the engine is selected for 2-stroke due to its light weight. This requires the use of 2.5% mixed benzene! You will receive a canister with the mixture ready. We charge for gasoline according to usage. If you are unsure about the mixture, please leave the refueling with us.

Trailer Aku

During transport, the boat is secured to the trailer with two slings. Remember to put a red warning sign behind the boat, as the overhang will be over 1.5 meters!

Optional sonar Humminbird

With a sonar, you get the most out of new fishing spots! In addition to the depth display, the easy-to-use sonar has a map screen on which the device draws its own depth map as the boat moves. You can turn on the depth map drawing when you are in the map display mode and press the menu key once and select autochart live in the “record” position. The sonar comes with a really light 30ah Lithium ion battery that lasts for several days on a single charge. However, book a battery charger with you for longer trips, so you can recharge the battery if necessary.

Optional fishing gear

The high-quality trolling reels are equipped with a 0.45 mm high-quality Sufix monofilament line. The trolling rods designed for salmon rowing have enough power for even large salmon.

When picking up a boat from Lohiranta, you can at the same time complete your range of salmon lures with wobblers that are suitable for Simojoki, Torniojoki and Kalix -rivers and have been found to work well in there. We have the same prices as those purchased from supermarkets.

Tight lines!